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Pearson Technology

Every meeting, event and conference starts with a vision – your vision.

At Pearson Technology, we strive to bring your concept to life by incorporating your needs and ideas with our expertise.

No matter the size and scope of your event, we craft inspirational and innovative solutions as individual as our partners. Our solutions aren’t rehearsed. They are customized to meet the needs of your plan.

In order to do so, Pearson Technology has the best resource available to you --‐ our people.

From the initial contact to the on-site set up, experienced consultants will talk to you about your requirements and trained engineers will bring you exactly what you need installed professionally, precisely and safely.

Most importantly, we give you the peace of mind knowing your event is in expert hands.

Pearson Technology offers personalized service and embodies a dedicated focus to our customers. We are driven to help our clients navigate their complete A/V, staging and creative needs, and bring new ideas and energy into their projects!


ETT is a highly customizable done for you  interactive content delivery platform. ​​

With editions of the ETT platform for Training (LMS), online events, and marketing engagements there is a bespoke solution from ETT for whatever your application may be. 

With advanced engagement tools your audience will be wowed and connected to your content. 


Need help producing your content? The studio ETT team can help with that.  


Shopicam is a shoppable Video player for your website.

Increase purchase intention, retain leaving visitors and unlock awareness through an interactive video player on your website.

How does it work?

Record a video with any device and upload it to Shopicam. Choose targeted pages and select display triggers. For example you could record a video to show your product capabilities, styles, or promos .

Add interactive content to your videos (cards, buttons, etc.) at a specific position and time. The popup videos attract peoples attention and retain leaving visitors, while interactive content converts your visitors into new leads and sales.

Shopicam is easy to install on any website with a few lines of code in under 3 minutes! We also have a Shopify application that can be installed with a few clicks.


Three brands to help you engage your audience

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